Frankie the Blankie – Jennifer Sattler




ISBN: 9781619636750

Imprint: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

RRP $16.99

This is a sweet little board book for those little ones who may be having trouble parting with a beloved snuggle. Doris is a very cute gorilla who is totally and permanently attached to her blankie, Frankie. They do everything together but when a jungle buddy suggests that blankies are only for babies, Doris thinks perhaps she should put Frankie away. Somehow, nothing is fun without Frankie so then she thinks that perhaps she can disguise Frankie so that she won’t be the object of derision. After a few attempts, particularly when Frankie is disguised as a hanky and a rather snuffly elephant wants to borrow him, Frankie becomes a puppet and he and Doris entertain all the other animals.

Little ones who are still clinging to special items will recognise themselves in this delightful story and Doris will no doubt become a special friend as she continues to protect Frankie and keep him with her.

Download some fun activities for little ones for this and other books from Bloomsbury.



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