Princess Betony and the Hobgoblin – Pamela Freeman/illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie



ISBN: 9781921720260

July 2016

RRP $12.99

This is a series new to me (thank you so much to Walker Books for adding me to your reviewer list!!) and I think it is just delightful judging by this one.

Princess Betony is not exactly your average princess. She doesn’t much like wearing fussy dresses and being on show at state functions. She does however love digging in the garden and having adventures – especially when new friends are to be made!

Her father is the king and her mother, the Queen, is a dryad (the spirit of a willow tree) and Wild Magic is never far away. When sniffy Lady Pineal stops the kitchen staff from putting out milk for the hobgoblins (a short-sighted parsimony to regret), the resident garden hobgoblin takes umbrage and retaliates with the kind of mischief one expects from such a creature.

Much mayhem ensues but Princess Betony and the baker’s boy, Basil, know that the hobgoblin is not to blame. With the help of Rosie, the royal gardener, the hobgoblin problem is eventually resolved and once again humans and Wild Magic reach a harmonious agreement – for now, I suspect!

This is a perfect series for your girls looking to begin chapter books and would be super for quick read-alouds. And who could resist such sweet cover designs?

I will definitely be adding these to our Super Series for our younger primary girls.

Highly recommended for young readers from around 6 years upwards.

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