The Truth According to Arthur: a funny book about fibbing –  Tim Hopgood/David Tazzyman



Allen & Unwin

July 2016
ISBN 9781408864999


Imprint:Bloomsbury Child

RRP $14.99


A perfect book for a read-aloud that will gently point out that lying is not just a no-no but will also lead to a great discussion on ethics for young readers.

Arthur breaks a rule. He is not to ride his brother’s bike as it is too big for him. But as you might expect the forbidden has its attractions.  Predictably there are dire results – a crumpled bike and Mum’s dented and scratched car.

Arthur urgently tried to ignore the truth that is sticking with him all the way. He makes up some wild stories and tries them out on his friends with very mixed results.

Ultimately, when confronted by a very cross Mum, he tells the truth and while Mum is still cross she is also very proud that he admits his mistake truthfully.

With its humorous illustrations and exaggerated fonts this book does not make light of ‘fibbing’ but does gently provide its moral without preaching.

Highly recommended particularly for Lower School children and if you happen to have an issue with this topic.


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