This Girl That Girl – Charlotte Lance



ISBN: 9781760291709

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Imprint: A & U Children

Pub Date: June 2016

RRP $24.99


A great little book for young readers around 4 years up that explores the differences but also the similarities between people.

Two girls who live next door to each other are seemingly poles apart in their personalities and behaviours. One is restrained and tidy and organised although her dad is eccentric and colourful and wacky. The other is eccentric and colourful and wacky although her dad is restrained and tidy and organised.

It would seem that never the twain will meet until one day both neighbours decide to build treehouses. While the dads may approach their process in very different ways each aided by their respective daughters who do likewise, the end results are both surprising and revealing!

The vibrant illustrations and lavish use of colour and line add real liveliness to this book.

Recommended for early readers around Prep upwards.

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