Captain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the Seas – Laura James/Eglantine Ceulemans



Allen & Unwin Australia

Published: 01-06-2016
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 128
ISBN: 9781408866368
Imprint: Bloomsbury Childrens


RRP $12.99

I told you didn’t I – pugs are the rage! And this pug is every bit as cute as the real thing!

Pug is the jam-tart eating companion of Lady Miranda who is a freckled eccentric of aristocratic origins.  The pair is off to a party picnic with pedalos and ice creams promised. Of course, Lady Miranda has no intention of exerting herself to pedal anything – she has her running footmen to take care of such physical activities – but she is very keen for both herself and Pug to look the part.

So Pug becomes Captain Pug, complete with little jacket and cap and is a very spiffy and sartorial sailor. There is just one tiny problem. Pug is AFRAID of water!

While Lady Miranda eyes up the pedalos, Pug assuages his fear temporarily by searching a handy picnic feast for any stray jam-tarts. His quest for his favourites sees him crawling completely into the picnic basket and whoosh! Suddenly he’s off on a solo sailing adventure that begins with a bus trip and  after marine misadventures, a delicious choc mint ice cream and making several new friends, ends with being reunited with Lady M aboard a very flash ocean liner.

Newly independent readers looking for a first chapter book will giggle their way happily through this first in a new series and they will love the humorous illustrations. (I love the orange and blue theme!)

Some cute activities are available here.

Highly recommended for young readers from around 6 years upwards.





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