Marmaduke the Very Popular Dragon – Rachel Valentine/Ed Eaves




Marmaduke the Very Popular Dragon – Rachel Valentine/Ed Eaves



Imprint:Bloomsbury Child

Pub Date:June 2016


There would be very few children – or indeed adults – who have not been in the same position as Marmaduke at some time. Marmaduke and Meg are the very best of friends and the envy of everyone in the kingdom as a result. They are different but when they are together, differences don’t matter.

Then one day one of the princesses who has been watching from the safety of her tower gets up the courage to ask if she can join them to play.

And gradually all the other princesses, princes, dragons and even knights want to join in the fun as well. Marmaduke is a huge hit as he is affable and helpful and a great friend. But sometimes being a great friend to many people causes us to lose sight of our very best friend. And so it happens with Marmaduke and Meg.

But of course, there must be a happy ending for all and so it is. Marmaduke realise he has basically abandoned Meg in the sudden flattering flush of his popularity and makes amends.

Aside from being a quite delightful story, this would be a super book to share with those little ones who are, even halfway through the year, trying to come to grips with friendship issues.

Highly recommended for little people from Prep upwards.


PS – they will love the sparkly bits!

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