The Shadow Keeper – Abi Elphinstone




  • Simon & Schuster Children’s UK |
  • 320 pages |
  • ISBN 9781471122705 |
  • February 2016

List Price

AU$ 16.99

NZ$ 19.99


The second in this exciting series sees the central character Moll Pecksniff and her companions living in secret in a cave by the sea where they plan their next move in the battle against the evil Shadowmasks. Now that Moll realises the import of her destiny as the Bone Murmurer and her history, including the fate of her parents, she is determined to prove her worth.


She knows she must find the Amulet of Truth at all costs. It is the only thing that will wield the necessary power over the enemy.


But how to do this when faced with mer-people, wicked smugglers and seemingly impossible coded messages?

Of course, her trusted friend Siddy and the enigmatic wildcat Gryff are right by her side but what of Alfie, the strange boy who came to their rescue and seems to be their ally?


Again the reader is immersed in the thick of the action with this wondrous and exciting tale. As all good quests must be it is filled with thrills, suspense, mystery, secrets, bravery and treachery. The Old Magic must be saved and only Moll can achieve this and must before the dark magic overtakes them all.


This is every bit as gripping as the first instalment with all the requisite good and evil that befits a great story of its type.


Any reader will be left breathless and be impatient for more there is no doubt.


Highly recommended for middle school readers upwards.


Read a snippet here.

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