The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper – Terrizita Corpus/Maggie Prewett




Magabala Books

Published:Apr 2016



RRP $17.99


Coincidentally following my last review from Magabala our water creature theme continues with a story inspired by the Broome lighthouse built in 1905.

On a very wet and stormy night some fed up sea creatures decide they have had enough of the torrent and make their way to the lighthouse where one by one they creep into the lighthouse keeper’s warm and dry bed.


Introducing some of these local creatures such as Cassius the hermit crab, Bruce the bluebone and Trev the turtle, this story will amuse your younger readers who will easily relate to the full page spreads of each animal as it makes its way to comfort.


Understandably when the lighthouse keeper finds all these in his bed (after checking the light in such a wild storm) he is far from pleased and quickly turfs them all out. Of course, as you can imagine, his bed was not left warm, dry and comfortable but rather quite slimy and unpleasant. Lucky he has a couch to kip on!


This is another story which lends itself perfectly to the introduction of onomatopoeia and the use of fancy font to convey tone.  I think it would work superbly for innovation – can children think of another situation and what animals might intrude (compare with books similar premises)?


The text is fresh and engaging and the illustrations are both striking and evocative. Again, a highly recommended read for children from around Prep to Year 3.




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