I’ll Never Let You Go – Smriti Prasadam-Halls/Alison Brown



Allen & Unwin Australia


March 2016

ISBN 9781408839010

RRP $14.99

If you have a special little person with whom you want to share your unconditional love or simply to read aloud to your little humans as a reminder of how much they are cared for, this is a perfect and heartfelt book.


When you aren’t sure, you’ll feel me near,

When you are scared, I will be here.

When you are high, when you are low,

I’ll be holding your hand and I’ll never let go.


With beautiful illustrations of parent/child animals – from lions to kangaroos, this is a delightful exploration of that intense love we have for our small ones.

With a gentle rhyming text, this will be a soothing and loving bedtime read for many parents and their children – a reassurance that no matter what, naughty or nice, happy or sad, brave or scared, we are right there at their side.

If only we adults had someone to read us just such a book and comfort us with a enduring supportive presence, how much more peaceful our lives would be.


This is just right for a special gift or just as a lovely addition to your personal or library shelves.

Highly recommended for little listeners from babies upwards.

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