The Adventures of Miss Petitfour – Anne Michaels



Bloomsbury: Tundra Books

PenguinRandomHouse Australia

December 2015

ISBN 9781770495005

RRP $19.99

This beautifully presented hardback is packed with all things to delight girls from around 7 up as they begin their chapter book journey.

The quirky Miss Petitfour lives with her cats – all sixteen of them – and is always having adventures in between her baking delicious treats, making interesting objects and dancing. Her mode of transport around her little village is an umbrella with a marvellous ‘string of cats’ – as her precious felines all wrap each others’ tails to become a furry kite tail.

The text is very cleverly peppered with some challenging and unusual vocabulary which is not only explained directly to the reader but then utilised in each story to clarify meaning. The very sweet illustrations by Emma Block add some lovely visuals for the readers’ pleasure.

Five stories are presented full of the wonderful adventures, cheese eating cats and edible delicacies sprinkled throughout.

With the kind of eccentricity that so flavours classics such as Pippi Longstocking and Mary Poppins this little volume will be sure to entrance your younger readers.

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