My Life and Other Massive Mistakes – Tristan Bancks: illustrated by Gus Gordon



ISBN: 9780857985293

Published: 02/03/2015

Imprint: Random House Australia Children’s

RRP : $15.99


Oh dear Tristan, you’ve done it again. So there I am sitting in the hair salon, goop on my hair waiting patiently to be transformed and reading this. Cue falling about laughing – out loud! Strange looks from both the girls and the other clients. I think I actually snorted twice. SO embarrassment!


Tom Weekly is at it again – sabotaging school testing (do I suspect the dreaded NAPALM tests?) with a cunning plan of planting nits in every student’s (and teacher’s) hats to create an epidemic and total school closure, springing his Pop from the nursing home, suffering under duress from the heinous older sister and helping his mate Jack to get back his ‘cranky’ Dad  amongst other crazy stunts – plus much more!


These books have proved so very popular with readers – particularly those reluctant boys who can be daunted by dense texts – and with good reason. Each episode is succinct and deceptively simple accompanied by Gus’ illustrations.


I adore the way Tristan engages with is readership by including invitations to submit ideas for various schemes and lists contained in the text. In addition, he provides young aspiring writers with some useful (and extremely humorous) advice at the end of the book to encourage their own experimental writing.


Tristan has such an enviable knack of connecting with both his readership and his audiences – and incidentally, is also just a lovely human!


His books are ones of which every library should have multiple copies. Boys and girls alike will relish each hysterical mishap from poor Tom’s life.


Get onto Tristan’s website here – you won’t be sorry you did!


Highly recommended for your readers aged around 9 and up.

bancks, tristan.jpg

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