Display Time




This year, rather than Halloween, I wanted to create a Day of the Dead feature. Of course,traditionally one would have photos of loved ones on the ofrenda but instead we have characters who have died in books. I found a fun free program which created ‘photo frames’ around each picture. They were laminated and a folded heavy cardboard stand added. Candles and flowers (traditionally marigolds) have been added and closer to the day we will have a bowl of Mexican lollies for the students to enjoy (bought from Chile Mojo). I’m deciding whether to buy one actual sugar skull as well :-). The traditional tissue paper banner is from the same supplier. In the meantime the display is proving very popular with students. In the background (board with red slips) is our question of the moment “Which dead book character would you bring back to life?”. Harry Potter characters are definitely leading the field in the answers!

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