Tashi and the Giant Squid – Anna and Barbara Feinberg




Publisher:Allen & Unwin

Imprint:A & U Children

Pub Date:August 2015

RRP $9.99

When one of the best loved characters from Australian children’s books is turned into a highly acclaimed and hugely popular TV series, you can expect the fun to just keep on coming!

And it does as a new series of Tashi books, based on the animated show (Flying Bark Productions) , hits the shelves.

Jack and Tashi are determined to win the Annual Fishing Competition but the Warlord has other (and more devious) ways of making sure that he ends up with the golden trophy.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t hold onto it for long and when it goes missing, Jack and Tashi need to solve the mystery. Along the way they manage to acquire a baby kraken and it can only be a matter of time before that infant’s mother comes looking for it.

Miss Small thoroughly enjoyed this story – just as much as she does the originals and the TV show and is looking forward to more.

As a delightful bonus, after the story there are several pages of engaging activities such as wordsearches, crosswords, quizzes, mazes and more created by the talented Meredith Costain.

There was great excitement today when the mail arrived with two more in the series. I know what will be on the reading agenda tonight!

With loads of colour, a great story and the activities these are sure to be winners with your readers from around 7 and up!

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