One Word from Sophia – Jim Averbeck/Yasmeen Ismail



Simon & Schuster

  • Atheneum Books for Young Readers |
  • 40 pages |
  • ISBN 9781481405140 |
  • June 2015 |
  • Grades P – 3


AU$ 24.99

NZ$ 27.99

This is certainly a very different sort of picture book. Though it is clearly intended for very young readers, there is some very sophisticated vocabulary within the text.

Sophia has an upcoming birthday. And her greatest wish is to have a giraffe as a present. She is a great planner so she comes up with what she thinks will be the perfect ‘pitch’ to achieve her goal. But as each attempt fails, she has to revise her thinking and regroup her thoughts. What is it that will make the difference between failure and success? Just one word is all it takes, Sophia discovers.

My Small definitely enjoyed it and particularly related to the illustrations which supported and clarified the text very well but we did need to take time to explain certain words.

That being said, I think, if this were shared in a classroom setting it would provide a perfect adjunct to discussions on careers/occupations and a good lead in to synonyms – even if not as complex as those used!

All in all it is a very joyous story – with a feel-good vibe to it. I just don’t want a request for a birthday giraffe as a result!



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