An update………


It’s been almost a month since I posted anything. I have a stack of books, mounting up threatening to topple over that need reviewing. My excuse is starting a new job four weeks ago and trying to get my head around not only a new school but a new ‘system’, and teaching a new English class – with more to come after the holidays – , being a full on full time working ‘mother’ caring for my little granddaughter and still dealing with my overwhelming grief for the loss of my youngest daughter. One can’t keep talking about it – I understand that others get tired of it – it’s hard enough for me to deal with it and with Small’s grief as well on a day to day basis but it’s July and in three weeks it would have been Jen’s 35th birthday and so a lot of emotion is simmering and proving difficult to deal with. All of this has meant I’ve been somewhat distanced from the mounting pile of books – halfway through something that is too confronting, 3/4 through the one I’m reading at school in our ‘reading time’ in English – but today, for a train trip to the city I picked up the first (and newest arrived) book off the pile and devoured it on the return trip. Stay posted – I will come back. For now it’s just ‘complicated’.

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