Wonderful news from our friends at Beetle Bottoms!!


Check this out!!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our crowd funding campaign to raise money for the production of our dolls.  We have put together some extra special perks for our funders and you have the chance to pre-order the dolls and be one of the first families to have them in your home.  We will also be emailing out some very special kids activities over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for them in your inbox.

These dolls represent healthy natural role models, and empower kids to embrace their individuality.  

We have found that most of the popular dolls in the market place encourage children to grow up too fast; they set unrealistic ideals and put adult pressure on children to succeed.  It is vital that children have strong role models and dolls that represent them.  

Visit our campaign page here to find out more …

If you love these dolls and the ideals behind them please share this campaign with your friends by forwarding our emails and sharing our posts on social media and if you can join the campaign every little bit helps bring this dream to reality.  

Lets all work together to create better role models and a childhood just for kids.

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