Lulu Bell and the Christmas Elf – Belinda Murrell


On the first day of Christmas, my true love brought to me………

Random House Australia

November 2014

RRP $12.99

ISBN 978857982254


Look who’s back in town! Just in time for Christmas as well! Christmas in Australia – concerts, carols, cooking, cricket, crafts and community.

Lulu Bell and her family are preparing for Christmas along with their friends and neighbours. One really exciting event is the school concert and parents are busy making costumes and props with real community spirit. Lulu and her brother and sister help their mum to make and bake lovely gifts for the teachers and are planning their letters to Santa.

Amidst all the happy busyness there is some sadness though as Lulu’s friends, Olivia and Jo, have lost their cat and are completely distraught. It’s a dangerous world out there for a little cat on its own.

The real joy of the Lulu Bell books is the sense of love and warmth and strong community ties that binds the characters together and coupled with that is the opportunity for young readers to learn. In this case, something of Dutch customs and language (through Olivia and Jo’s family), the dangers of scrub ticks for domestic pets and ‘how to’ do things – in this book, making costumes, decorations and cooking delicious recipes.

Thankfully, there is a very happy resolution for all and the  Shelly Beach folk are able to celebrate their Christmas with true joy and gratitude.  This series is one of those endearing ones that will find favour over and over again.

This one is going straight to Small’s Christmas parcel so she can enjoy another adventure from the animal hospital and Lulu.

Highly recommended for young readers of around 6 years and up.

As a wonderful bonus, Lulu Bell’s bunting is attached here as a PDF or you might like to access the activities page here and visit the book’s page here.

Coming up very soon, a Q&A with the delightful Belinda Murrell – stay tuned for that one!

But I KNOW you want more! Thanks to wonderful Random House Australia, Just So Stories has THREE copies of Lulu Bell and The Christmas Elf to give away – so you can also give the joy of Lulu this Christmas (if only to yourself!). Winners will be selected by a Random Christmas elf ****(leave a comment on the post)**** – please supply an email address for contact so that your book can be posted you, in time for the reindeer to deliver.

Luluxmaskit (1)RHA_LuluBellandtheXmaself_9780857985033_XmasKit_Page_3

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  1. Sue, I do enjoy your reviews. Must buy and share this one with my students. Thanks for the bunting idea too. Cheers for the season.

  2. Hi Sue. I am trying to imagine the bunting around our classroom. I think it will fit in nicely with the students’ attempts to create elves of themselves. The results have been hilarious – I notice Lulu does not have the large ears many of my students have endowed upon themselves! 🙂 Looking forward to the Q & A with Belinda.

    • Clearly, they know their Tolkein and realise that elves should have pointed ears! Good luck in the Random Elf draw! Would love to see a pic of your elf-portraits if possible and post some here?

    • Oh Vivian – this series is perfect then! I think it’s perfect for Miss Small because of her love of animals and her desire to have her own zoo (which is on it’s way in a smallish way!) Good luck in the Random Elf draw!

  3. We met Belinda Murrell today at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. Love her story inspiration, her enthusiasm for stories and the sound of the series. My daughter bought one of the series for her sister for christmas would love to collect the set. As a studying teacher librarian I can see them being popular with the infants. I really like the bonus things she has included like recipes, craft etc

    • Isn’t Belinda just delightful Trudy? I also like the ‘add ons’ which inspire and invite the readers to get involved with the books. Have you read Belinda’s time-slip series? They are also wonderful! Good luck with the Random Elf draw!

      • Wow Sue that was a quick, late response! No i haven’t read her time-slip series but its now on the to do list! Her passion is contagious!

  4. My father calls my youngest daughter Lulu and as she is an avid reader (which makes my TLs heart soar) was thinking of buying some Lulu Bell’s for her December birthday and Christmas. She will love them! Thanks for the review.

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