Phryne Fisher



Tonight is monthly book club night – yayyyy! And the theme for this month is ‘Exotic or Erotic’ ;-).

While I could have gone wildly in search of something saucy, I decided that it was time I bought the newest Phryne Fisher mystery – Unnatural Habits – October 2012.  #18 in Kerry Greenwood’s series about the sexy and smart Miss Fisher, this newest adventure was no disappointment.  Phryne is drawn into investigating the disappearance of a young feisty female reporter (most unseemly in 30s stuffy Melbourne), brothels, gentleman’s clubs, a white slaving ring and a very un-Christian convent laundry all with the able help of her ‘minions’. The cast of characters in the series continues to grow – each with their own special place in the greater scheme of things. Tinker, or Tink, the latest is a scruffy urchin who is beginning to become civilised by his association with Phryne’s household and reveals some very apt natural talents.

If you haven’t read any of the Phryne Fisher series, or indeed, Kerry Greenwood’s other exotic/erotic series Corinna Chapman’s Earthly Delights – do try them out!  The newest novel will be out in October 2013 – looking forward to that!

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